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The People Behind Aatos Health

Presenting team Aatos! We are a startup company on a journey to make everyday psychological coaching accessible for anyone. Our digital platform gives people the tools to cope with work-related stress in their daily life. But who are the people behind our vision? The core team consists of co-founders Marianna and Tommi. We will take a closer look into their personal backgrounds and skillsets in this blog.

Marianna (M.A, Psych) – COO at Aatos


I wish to see a shift in how we talk about mental issues in psychology: rather than highlighting problems, we should emphasize the importance of everyday life skills and prevention.

Marianna has a background in work and organizational psychology and a clear goal for where she wants to take the Aatos platform. She believes that working with technology gives her the best chance to help as many as possible. Equipping people with a set of psychological tools lets them tackle daily distress and challenges optimally.

Marianna likes to counterbalance the fast-paced startup life outside of work by dialling down and training her own life skills. She enjoys spending time with a puzzle or going out to nature for birdwatching. Marianna is even active in sports and has a competitive background playing floorball at a national level.

In her daily work, Marianna is responsible for the psychological content on the platform. She works with a team of psychology experts, designing the material and layout of the program. Marianna also partakes in marketing and sales activities together with Tommi.

Tommi (M.S, econ) – CEO at Aatos


Mental strain and burnouts are a common concern across industries. Individual performance and stress management creates a common bottleneck for productivity – especially in professions with demanding jobs.

Tommi sees that providing people with proper life skills is a needed shift in our overcharged work culture. He also recognizes the business opportunity of helping companies with organizational stress management, employee well-being, and workplace resilience. Here, Aatos Health's intelligent coaching platform counterbalances the effect of a high-stress environment on productivity.

Tommi has a broad background in entrepreneurship and a long experience in obtaining a healthy work-life synergy in his own life. As a husband and a dad, he finds that spending time with his family is the best cure for a busy work schedule. Tommi likes to also balance work with various sports and activities.

The daily functions of Tommi as the CEO at Aatos include overseeing the product development team and communicating with partners, customers, and other stakeholders. Tommi is also in charge of investor relations.

In addition to Tommi and Marianna, a network of psychology professionals, software developers, and business advisors partake in our journey at Aatos.


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