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A First Look Into Our Upcoming Web App

In our previous posts, we talked about the psychological framework used by our upcoming product, and how it could be applied to the workplace and beyond. What we haven't done yet is give some kind of indication of what Aatos actually is. Since we'd rather be open and honest about what we're building and why, we'll be doing regular product updates and technical posts from now on.

Our current focus is on building an end-user web app (our MVP, if you will) that provides users with psychoeducational coaching via our bot. Technically speaking, this consists of Clojure and PostgreSQL on the backend and ClojureScript, Reagent, and re-frame on the frontend. This is being built with the help of early testers and internal discussions (we're firm believers in dogfooding; Aatos is also a product we're building for ourselves). In its current iteration, the web frontend consists of two parts: a program view and a journey view.

Program View

The program view is for interacting with the Aatos bot via daily evidence-based psychological coaching.

Aatos program view

Our goal with the bot is to help guide the user toward understanding their core personal and work values and how to actually live by them, even in the face of adversity (this is no small feat!). The idea is that doing the program 5-10 minutes (almost) every day should eventually translate into increased resilience, productivity, and as a side-effect, happiness. So like all evidence-based coaching or training programs, this requires active effort on the part of the user. See our previous posts for more detailed discussions.

As the program is designed to be used only briefly every day, the bot's messages are short and easy-to-read; the user gets something to think about without getting overwhelmed by too much information. The content is primarily text-based with a handful of audio clips, but richer content is on the roadmap. The user interacts with the bot via button prompts, short- and long-form text inputs, creating lists, modifying tables, or via checkbox inputs. We aim to make the content feel conversational, so hopefully it doesn't read like a dry graduate-level psychology textbook.

Journey View

The journey view shows a chronological summary of the user's journey through the program itself. The idea here is that we want to remind users about key insights they've had, and how their actions or thoughts may have changed over time.

Aatos journey view

The journey view will be updated soon with a few features. Expect a new post on this in the near future!

What's Next?

We'll be focusing on making improvements to the end-user frontend and content. In particular, we'll expand on the journey view with notetaking and search functionality. We're also expanding our internal admin frontend with some neat features, but we'll leave that for a later post!

Drop us a line at if you're interested in trying out Aatos!

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