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The path toward meaningful work and valued living starts here

Learn how to step back and focus on what matters to you, while improving your productivity, performance, and problem solving skills.

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What's it like to use Aatos?

It only takes 5 minutes a day...


Personal Onboarding

Personal Onboarding

We'll get you onboarded via a short call and ensure you're good to go! You'll also get your first introduction to the Aatos bot.


Tailored Program

Tailored Program

As you journey through the first days of your Aatos program, our bot starts to tailor the experience to fit your needs and preferences.


One-on-One Video Coaching

One-on-One Video Coaching

For wellbeing skills training, one-on-one coaching has been shown to improve engagement. After your first few days with Aatos, you'll be notified about scheduling your first coaching session.


Team Report

Team Report

As you and your team work through the program, we'll deliver monthly team reports to show an anonymized, top-down view of your team's wellbeing, complete with actionable insights.

Mental performance made accessible.

Aatos is structured around two core principles:


Finding what's important to you

Stop moving on autopilot

All those possibilities, distractions, and events around us can take our attention away from the present. Take a moment to pause and reflect.

Understand your values

While you may have a clear picture of your values, it's easy to get derailed and lose sight of what truly matters to you.


Learning to do what matters

Detach yourself from your obstacles

If doing what matters was easy, many of us would be successful artists, scientists, or astronauts. Find the excuses and bad advice your mind is telling you, and learn how to deal with them to reach your goals.

Live according to your values

Two steps forward, one step backward. Learn how not only to plan a meaningful life, but how to follow through with your plans, even when faced with adversity.


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